Cleaning Maid Chelsea

maids-cleaningHaving a cleaning maid at home is a great help and advantage as it helps in saving a lot of time and takes the tiring job of cleaning up your house off your hands. Maids are usually offered by our cleaning company on a regular basic. The first thing they do is survey your house, or any space that needs cleaning for that matter like a small shop or even an office.

Next, you negotiate and decide upon the services that need to be rendered. Usually, maids work exclusively in homes as offices are too large to handle individually. Cleaning services by maids range from simple vacuuming to window cleaning on a periodic basis. Based on the tasks and the frequency of the service, you will be provided with a quote.

When you hire a maid, there are a couple of pointers to keep in mind. Firstly, be specific about the services you need and think about it before hand. This will help in you correctly determining the price. If you ask for a service after the deal is made, you might be overcharged or even completely denied. For house cleaning, maids are available for regular cleaning, deep cleaning, one-off cleaning and anything else imaginable. In addition to the readily made packages, companies offer you the freedom to pick your services.

Typically maids will begin by vacuuming the entire house, followed by dusting all the appliances and furniture. This can be succeeded by cleaning up in the kitchen and then finishing up the bathrooms and toilets. In addition, you can ask for laundry and dishwashing services, which might be charged a little more. Laundry usually includes washing and ironing. Specific tasks such as window cleaning and rug cleaning are done periodically and might cost you extra.

A cleaning service supplied maid will be very professional and offer services to the best standard. They offer a satisfaction guarantee and if you are not, the maids will be happy to do the job again. Most services hold your key so the job can be done while you are not home.