Oven Cleaning Chelsea

oven-clnOvens are among the most commonly used electrical appliances in the house and thereby those that need most care and maintenance. Typically, oven cleaners are used and you will have to scrub away for a long time. In spite of all this effort, you are not guaranteed a clean and hygienic oven. The best solution for taking proper care of your oven is to hire a professional cleaning service from our agency in Balham with a special oven cleaning package.

Our team of oven cleaners use the best products for the job and work efficiently so that you find your oven as good as new. The first step is they analyze the situation i.e. the size of the oven and the extent of the cleaning needed. Based on this you will be presented a quote, which is between 30GBP and 42 GBP depending on the size.

The cleaning team is usually supported by an experienced technician who decides the right cleaning agent. Our cleaning agency use only environmentally friendly products and those that cause no allergies or other side effects to you or your family.

All parts of the oven are thoroughly cleaned, from the body to the removable racks and grill. The detachable parts are first soaked in a special solution and then rinsed before disinfecting and descaling. The entire oven cleaning process can take around 2-3 hours. Usually, if you try this yourself, it will take much longer and the result won’t be anywhere close.

Moreover, thanks to the special new breed of solutions that are used for cleaning ovens by the professionals there will be no fumes and waste gases around your house. If you have any special requests regarding the oven cleaning, you should let the team know beforehand to make sure they follow them. You may request for a special scent or fragrance that you like in your kitchen.