Rug Cleaning Chelsea

rug-cleanRugs make the living space of your house much more comfortable and cosy. Whether you have it in the living room or the bedroom, the warmth of it under your feet is unmatchable. Not only that, it greatly improves the aesthetics of the house as well. However, rugs do tend to get dirty very easily as we walk on them a lot. For this reason, they need regular cleaning.

In addition, they need periodical specialized cleaning that will flush out the dirt from beneath the surface and leave it as good as new. While regular cleaning is something you can take care of yourself by just vacuuming, you need specialists for the deeper levels. Just hire our professional cleaners and the job is half done!

The first step of cleaning a rug by a professional is also vacuuming but on a slightly deeper level using stronger suction to get out all the dust particles. The next step is the steam cleaning where in steam and a special cleaning solution are spread all over the rug and a machine is run on it that will help the steam form a solution with the dust and grime and flush it out.

Steam is used to ensure maximum penetration. Once the steam, which becomes dirty water now comes out of the rug, it is removed through suction and the carpet begins to dry. It can either be left out in the sun or dried using a special blower cum drier which will take hardly a few hours. Thanks to the technology, you do not have to wait several days for the rug to dry out in the sun.

Most companies now use solutions that are biodegradable to make sure that there is no damage to your rug. Irrespective of the size, the process is the same and so is the end result. You rug will look as good as new! Using these solutions everything, right from the colours to the textures of your rug can be set back to the condition they were in when you bought it!