Office Cleaning Chelsea

office-cleaningThe office environment is highly influential on the productivity and morale of employees. Everyone wants to work in a clean office because it is more comfortable and there are no distractions. However, maintaining a clean office is quite difficult and needs extensive effort by professional cleaners.

There are several aspects of office cleaning, right from the windows to the flooring and our cleaning service will take care of all of them. Office cleaning begins with regular vacuuming of the floors. If the flooring is carpeted, it is limited to vacuuming and if not, there will be mopping as well to get rid of any stains and sticky dirt.

In addition, all the furniture will be cleaned as well; right from the cubicles to the desks and chairs to make sure that employees have a clean atmosphere when they come in. Nothing is more putting off than a dirty office room!

Once the main office area is done, the cleaning shifts to the washrooms and toilets. In addition to the daily morning schedule, regular checks and cleaning is done during the day because these are used quite a lot. In order to get rid of any foul smell, special fresheners are used that are also long lasting.

Apart from the interiors, cleaning services take care of the exterior as well. Window cleaning is essential as it gives a great first impression to visitors and makes the inside ambience better by allowing more natural light into the office. All the miscellaneous jobs like clearing out bins and removing waste paper baskets and cleaning the pantry are also part of the package and are taken care of to a professional standard.

Professional Office cleaning is offered by our specialists and you can negotiate the price with on a periodic basis depending on the number of rooms to be cleaned. This is because the number of employees changes on a regular basis. Moreover, you can also choose the frequency of services like window cleaning and the like to something that is suitable to you.