One Off Cleaning Chelsea

dustingIf you are coming back home after a long time, you may be welcomed by a layer of dust and other dirt and grime inside. This is something nobody wants and cleaning will take a very long time if you undertake the task yourself.

Instead, you can avail a One-off cleaning service from a professional cleaning company that will set everything in order in a matter of a few hours. Imagine a relaxed vacation and then the first thing you have to do after coming back is cleaning up. It’s not a good thought is it? One-off cleaning services do everything imaginable and they are quite reasonable. Moreover, the whole process takes less than half a day.

Now the question of what one-off cleaning comprises arises. Well, the answer is that everything is taken care of. Right from the entrance to your house, the door, the switches, flooring, carpet (if any) is vacuumed and wiped clean. Next, the living area is made dust free with all the upholstery vacuumed and the floor mopped till the dust is long gone.

The kitchen too sees its share of services with the counters cleaned and all stains removed. All the cupboards are cleaned and if you leave any special instructions related to the cutlery and the like, they can be carried out. The bathrooms and toilets and the sink in the kitchen are disinfected carefully to ensure proper hygiene. All bathroom fittings, faucets, showers etc are de-scaled and the floor is also thoroughly washed.

The area of the house that needs major cleaning is the bedroom/s. The floor is vacuumed and mopped and the insides of the windows are cleaned. Any dust or grime is removed from the walls but a thorough cleaning is not possible as it runs the risk of damaging the wallpaper. The cupboards are wiped clean to remove stagnant dust.