Cleaning Services Chelsea

cleaning_scheduleCleaning and maintain a house is one of the most common tasks of people today. It is widespread and essential but the fact of the matter is that a lot of us do not have the time for it. For this reason, we offer you the services of our professional cleaning company that will take care of the cleaning job for you.

This is usually done by sending a team of professional cleaners to your home, or if you ask for corporate cleaning services, to the office. The team begins by assessing the areas that need to be cleaned and will proceed to present you a quote.

There are several types of cleaning services offered by our cleaning agency in order to suit all types of customers. The most common are those offered on a regular basis, which are usually for homes and offices. The frequency of cleaning depends on the customer’s preference and the assessment of the company. It can be once a week or every alternate day depending on the size of the area to be cleaned and the number of people in it.

Other type of cleaning services include specialized one offs like carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning. These are cleaning jobs that cannot be handled by the owner as they are rather specific and need training. Carpet cleaning is very common and is required on a yearly basis to make sure that the carpet or rug doesn’t get spoiled.

We can also offer you various other packages like deep cleaning, where every nook and corner is searched for dust and the like and flushed out. There is also one-off cleaning that involves cleaning thoroughly after a long time. Another special cleaning package is the after builder where the focus is on cleaning up after construction, redecoration or any such work.